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I consider myself a 'wannabe wordsmith' but, certainly not a Red Smith. Red was the first Pulitzer Prize winning sports writer who enjoyed an illustrious career. He, as word has it, is one probable source for the quotation, "Writing is easy. You just open a vein and bleed".  After graduating from Notre Dame, Red went onto enjoy a great and highly acclaimed sports writing career which ended at the NY Times.  I had the privilege to meet and work with him on a few occasions while serving as a public relations professional in sports. Writing is a gift and seemingly one which many are bor


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Happy New Year to all as it has been a while so I thought with the New Year, I'd bring you my first post of 2012 to complement the excitement of NFL Playoff Football. While working in the NFL for 16 years, I would often get asked do the players get their normal pay for reaching the playoffs and what does each player make as they advance to each round of the playoffs - all the way to the Super Bowl? One would often believe they must minimally get paid their weekly game checks plus the bonus of playing in each round of the playoffs. To compare and contrast, playing in the playoffs


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What is it about this 1985 Super Bowl winning Chicago Bears team enduring and living one of the longest 'shelf lives' of any championship team in recent or past history? 26 years later, President Barack Obama will honor this team with a tour of his big White House and a reception in the Rose Garden this Friday, October 7. Over 100 members of the team, coaching and front office staff will board a charter plane, compliments of the McCaskey family, and will fly to Washington D.C. in the morning at 8.30 and return late afternoon arriving back to Chicago around 6.15 pm. What a class act by a


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I have had a chance to process the 'published' excerpts from Jeff Pearlman's book - Sweetness - the 'Johnny come lately' book written about Walter Payton. Unfortunately, none of it feels good, most feels empty and meaningless as well as 'opportunistic'. Perhaps passing judgement before I read the entire book, which I will not, is not the 'framework' with which to remember a man whom I had the good fortune of working very closely with for 16 years as an executive in the Bears organization. I was a friend, who idolized and admired him dearly. These are not the memories I have or eve


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I have enjoyed the outstanding culture and work environment that is NCSA, the nation's premier Athletic Recruiting Network. With office space in a Lincoln Park 'loft office' building with over 250 employees, this business is thriving because it enables us to impact lives of not only student athletes and their parents but, the 'base' communities with which we engage - Students/Parents; high school coaches and athletic directors, college coaches, and a professional business network. Through key strategic partnerships with the NFLPA, ESPN HS, IMG Academies, Under Armour, Nike and others,  


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                                                            Local Company Changes Lives….Becomes World-Class Place to Work NCSA Athletic Recruiting Ranked in Brill Street Top 50 Generation Y Employers The 250 former athletes working at NCSA Athletic Recruiting, headquartered on Chicago’s near north side, share two common passions:  Helping other student athletes succeed in college and in life.  These common goals have united and invigorated a staff, emboldened the partners whom work in concert with NCSA 


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What parent in America doesn't want the best opportunities for their children? There simply isn't enough time and effort you wouldn't exert for the welfare of your kids even if, at the expense of personal benefit, or if confronted with a conflicting scenario, most of us would sacrifice our own health if it meant sparing or wishing to replace the suffering of one of your own. When you are so vested in the process of a child's growth, from the time he/she took their first step to weening them off of diapers, dropping them off for the first day of Kindergarten, than elementary school


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NCSA, the National Collegiate Athletic Association today announced the hiring of former Bears great Doug Plank. I have the good fortune of working for this great organization which helps high school student athletes find the right scholarship opportunities through NCSA on both a free and fee for service basis. NCSA is an athletic recruiting network directly involved with four communities - Student athletes/parents, College Coaches, colleges and business opportunities. I cannot think of anyone who resembles the brand better than Doug, who is a better person than he was ever a football pla