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Four years ago, tomorrow, Friday, August 22, 2008 is a day forever etched in my conscious and one having an everlasting, yet painful memory. It was 7.45 a.m. in which I received a call from a former radio colleague, Mitch Rosen, current program director at WSCR in Chicago, who informed me our one-time headmaster as station General Manager at ESPN radio (2000-04) and dearly close friend, Bob Snyder, had lost his daughter the night before on a Soccer field practice in Glenview — to ‘sudden cardiac arrest’. Jenny, than 17,  was a joyful, fun-loving spirit and a person dearly loved and respected by her friends, classmates and fellow teammates. My heart sank to sphincter level as I sat in silence listening to Mitch convey, what is no doubt, a parent’s worst fear and nightmare – losing a child.

I dropped whatever I was doing that morning and rushed to Bob, (who was suppose to be enjoying a birthday on this particular day) and Michelle Snyder’s home in Northbrook to be by their side and offer concolences and emotional support. I was one of the first friend’s on site at the Snyder residence and what I was exposed to was one of the most painful and emotionally draining experiences a person can imagine and I wasn’t the one who suffered the tragic loss. Uncontrollable sobbing could only be comforted by warm hugs and long embraces to both of the Snyder’s as we sat in their living room while I could only attempt to feel their pain and agony. Bob’s parents arrived soon thereafter from the Boston area, and there were soon not enough kleenex to go around and absorb the streaming tears.

Needless to say, while the loss of Jenny remains a difficult and everlasting memory, her spirit lives on in the Foundation esablished by her mother, Michelle, who along with the endearing friendship and support of Nanci Garoon Leigner helped the Snyders establish the Jennifer Lynn Snyder Heart Foundation.

The 501 C3 non profit organization raises funds annually to purchase automated external defibrillators or AEDs, which could have saved their daughter’s life.

An AED is a  portable electronic device automatically diagnosing cardiac distress and then uses an electric shock to restore the heart to its proper rhythm. “It needs to be close by and applied within three to five minutes of the cardiac arrest”, says Michelle, now the executive director of Parent Heart Watch.

The device is easy to use, she said.

Jenny had an undiagnosed heart condition causing the sudden cardiac arrest.  Statistics vary on the prevalence of sudden cardiac arrest on teenagers but, it’s the “leading cause of sudden death in young people,” according to the American Heart Association.

As Executive Director of the Parent Heart Watch and co-founder of the Jenny Lynn Snyder Foundation, Michelle and her well respected husband, Bob, a veteran media expert and consutant, are raising awareness with the help of the SCORE’s Rosen and other sports radio insiders. All proceeds from the inaugural 2012 Sports Radio Hall of Fame Awards ceremony to be held, October 6 at the Chicago Theater, will go directly to Parent Heart Watch and the JLS Foundation.

Please help support this event as tickets are priced for as low as $40 each and can be purchased through ticketmaster ( VIP tickets, as well as, tickets priced at $50 (minimum of two) will enable a contribution to the ‘student section’ enabling local university broadcast students to attend the event free of charge. The evening’s festivities begin at 6 p.m. with Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon serving as Honorary Chairman. Many industry celebrities, local and nationally recognized athletes will be in attendance.

Reserve your seating, make a donation or become a sponsor by contacting or go to


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