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“One  of the greatest things that we ever did was buy four ping-pong tables.
We put those tables in and suddenly the place came to life. It’s one of
the best investments we ever made.”

–Jeffery Katzenberg, DreamWorks

The U.S. economy is increasingly driven by workers at professional firms—now accounting for 70 percent of total U.S. GDP.
Executives at these firms constantly seek ways to optimize their
employees’ workplaces.  As today’s technology has enabled a constant
connection to work, finding creative ways to energize and motivate
employees has proved more and more difficult.  Health and wellness,
however, has been an area where many companies have made progress
increasing office productivity and creativity.  Many have explored ways
to integrate physical activity into the workday with the ultimate hope
of reversing the humdrum caused by 24/7 desk sitting.

A multifaceted solution to address modern workplace issues

Table tennis has proven to be one of the most effective activities for
spurring cognitive, social, and physical prowess for people of all ages
and abilities. Numerous studies have found that table tennis stimulates
different parts of the brain simultaneously.  It also addresses common
workplace issues that impede productivity by serving three key purposes:

1.       Brain cardio.
Table tennis has been called “the number one brain sport” because it
requires rapid thinking as well as physical agility. Just 15 minutes of
table tennis can enhance an individual’s overall awareness, not to
mention one’s daily physical activity.

2.       Social catalyst.
Since people of all skill levels can enjoy playing, table tennis acts a
team-building exercise by both breaking down barriers across
departments and encouraging competition, collaboration and teamwork.

3.       Mental cleanse.
Employees are more productive when they take time from staring at a
computer screen and instead engage other parts of their brain. Many
people find their best thinking occurs after some type of physical

There’s a reason that such leading companies as Google, StubHub and
Foursquare have table tennis in their lounges and common areas.  It is
the best sport for cognitive development and mental rejuvenation—not to
mention a heck of a good time.

Killerspin’s Unplug ‘N Play for businesses

As  the leader in table tennis equipment and accessories, Killerspin has
developed Unplug ‘N Play specifically for companies interested in
improving their workplace environment.  Through an annual membership and
fixed monthly fee, companies can participate in the Unplug ‘N Play

Killerspin will assist with the design,
installation and implementation of table tennis equipment. Membership
also includes supporting materials and programming recommendations to
get the best return on your investment.  With monthly fee structures and
high-quality equipment tailored to your space, companies of all sizes
can get more from their employees.

When you’re ready to boost productivity and lay the foundation for a more cohesive organization, just Unplug ‘N Play.


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