Strategic Partnerships

Part of the ‘branding’ process for any company is identifying key partnership alliances whose mission statements are compatible and reflective of each of the company‘s brands and messaging to its’ consumer targets and corporate alliances.

Ken was involved in the number of strategic partnership arrangements over his 25-year career. Amongst the many he developed while with the Chicago Bears, all were developed under mutually beneficial initiatives which were ‘activated’ to positively enhance each of the respective brands.

Ken has worked with many fortune 500 companies such as Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Nike, McDonalds, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Discover Card, American Express and Visa to name a few.

With a data base of key connections within these companies and many others, Ken can be very helpful and instrumental in helping companies align themselves with ‘compatible’ corporate partnerships that can be both financially and strategically rewarding and compelling.

Strategic alliances are essential to the development, promotion, public relations and imaging of a company’s objectives and brand. Many of these partnerships utilized the Chicago Bears brand and resources to enhance their image, sell product, create foot traffic at points of sale while generating revenue for the team.