Public Relations


Having started his career as a public relations practitioner, Ken has extensive experience in this specific concentration. He has dealt with every public relations issue imaginable including incidents of DUI’s, coaching hiring/firings, domestic abuse, event management, player negotiations with management, miscued hiring attempts of head coaches and labor strife between management and players.
Ken can provide ‘crisis management’ public relations tactics and has extensive writing and speaking capabilities and experience after having served as a spokesman for the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bears and Chicago Rush. In addition to many press releases, Ken has written and editorial experience having been integrally involved in the publishing of team media guides, game programs, yearbooks and hard cover books. In addition to extensive written skills, Ken has trained coaches, players, owners and executives on how to speak and address the media.
After years of extensive public relations work along with attendance and presence at numerous press conferences over the years,  he has built the knowledge and instincts of how to manage messaging with the media. He uses several basic methods to mentor principles that regularly appear and speak to the press in individual and conference settings. He not only knows and has a great reputation amongst local media but, also has strong ties to the national media with his experience working MLB All Star games, World Series and Super Bowls.